Content creation & coaching as the fullest expression of our Inner Light

Expressably Online Presence:

Illuminating what's possible for the caring professional

Expressably Coaching:

Moving from heartbreak to wholeheartedness

Expressably Online Presence

Creating a wholehearted online presence for caring professionals.
For therapists, coaches, and lightworkers who want to fully express their Inner Light in their online marketing.
• A heart-centered approach to website creation and development.
• Authentic, wholehearted content creation & social media promotion.
• Sensitively attuned book and ebook collaborative writing and editing.

Expressably Coaching

Moving from heartbreak to wholeheartedness.
For the caring person with heartbreaking loss who wants their Inner Light to shine through every part of their story.
• A heart-centered and spiritual approach that sees heartbreak as a calling to break us open into a more wholehearted way of being.
• Builds those all-important relationships with those you love, whether living in your heart, or living.
• Incorporates research in neuroscience & positive psychology for evidence-based and effective approaches.

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