About Us

Dido Clark, Ph.D., is a writer and editor who works with caring professionals so that their Inner Light can be expressed more fully through their online presence.

With her clients, she co-creates books, web page content, online articles, blogs, and newsletters. As well as being a writing partner, she also edits and proofreads books and ebooks. With her team, she creates websites and social media posts.

Dr. Clark  is also a certified coach who helps those with heartbreaking loss. She knows from personal experience herself—from losing her mother young—that sometimes it is by being broken open that our Inner Light shines more brightly. Her spiritual approach to coaching is informed by being a Quaker. 

She uses a combination of evidence-based approaches from narrative practice, grief theory, and positive psychology to create the fullest expression of the Inner Light. In this way her clients can move from heartbreak towards a greater sense of wholeness.  


Dido Clark

Dido Clark can be contacted at expressably@gmail.com