Expressably Coaching:

Moving from heartbreak and loss to wholeheartedness

With the right support, community, and coaching, we can move from heartbreak to wholeheartedness.

I know this personally, from losing my mother young. Sometimes it is by being broken open that our Inner Light can shine more brightly.

It is through my story that I was finally able to embrace a new way of being. So, inspired by this, I trained as a certified coach myself and spent years studying narrative practice, grief theory, and positive psychology in order to create the best coaching experience for others who have experienced significant heartbreak and loss.

Whether your losses have been through death or are due to other inevitable losses, such as aging, financial loss, or the loss of relationships that really mattered, you could benefit from Expressably Coaching.

So, what are some of the benefits of coaching with me?

Reconnect to your Inner Light. 

When pain and heartbreak strikes—as it must—it can leave us feeling broken. With grief, it can feel like our Inner Light has gone out.

As a Quaker, I believe we all have a Light within. The Light has many names: our Buddha nature of loving-kindness, the better angels of our nature, our True Selves, our Essence, or our soul nature. With grief, however, it can feel like our Inner Light has gone out, or is dangerously close to doing so.

With support, encouragement, community, and coaching, we can also sometimes hear in our heartbreak a calling—a calling to break us open into a more wholehearted way of living.

That’s not a calling for when our grief is raw, but it is one that can come of a more seasoned grief.

And as we are broken open, it is a paradox that our Inner Light that can shine forth more brightly than ever. Coaching can help us live into that paradox.

More fully express your Inner Light so that it can shine through every part of your story.

You may long for self-expression but don’t know where to start, so I’ve put together the most effective coaching questions and narrative practices that help us express our Inner Light in new ways.

Personal writing can bring about fresh insights and “re-visions” to our experiences so that we can embrace every part of our story. We can become our Brightest Selves, as we create new ends to old stories, and use our strengths in new ways.

Savor the relationships with those you love, both alive or alive in your heart.

Recent grief research suggests that maintaining ongoing relationships with those we love and have lost is a healthy approach.

I know from personal experience that our relationships do not end when someone we love dies. In my case, it’s been over 30 years since my mother was killed by a hit-and-run driver, and for a long time I felt I had to Keep Calm and Carry On.

It seemed like there was never a good time to share, either when it was raw, or when it was “old.” I filed it under the category of “Bad/terrible stuff.” With time and the continuing silence, and an unrealistic expectation that I should “get over it,” it developed a concretion of shame.

Coaching helped normalize and bring out of the shadows these unhelpful thoughts. But of more profound help was to give myself permission to enjoy an ongoing connection to my mother.

So, instead of pushing our connection into the shadows, let’s bring it out into the light. Expressably Coaching is all about embracing this new paradigm.

Set intentions and goals for a life of wellbeing based on findings from positive psychology and neuroscience.

Grief counselors can help with raw grief, but if you want to move beyond grief “recovery” into a life that fulfills you, Expressably Coaching can help.

I have incorporated evidence-based approaches based on the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology. We focus on your Signature Strengths, as well as cultivating positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and purpose.

Together, these add up to a life in which we can shine.

Enjoy the benefits of profound and compassionate self-care.

Last but not least, we can, however, practice compassionate self-care based on the evidence-based work of Kristin Neff.

So, come join our Expressably Coaching community.

Coaching consists of individual sessions or sign up for my 10-session program.

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