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Illuminating what's possible for the caring professional

Website creation and development

It's essential for caring business owners, such as therapists, coaches, or lightworkers to have an online presence, yet it can feel challenging to express who you really are. It can feel really vulnerable--too vulnerable--to show up authentically unless you're working with another sensitive heart-centered webmaster, editor, or writer who really gets it.

So consider working with us. We're expert yet caring web and writing professionals who get it.

• Co-create a website with us that really reflects who you are and what you stand for
• Upgrade and develop your website over time with ease
• Gain insights into best website practice from caring professionals
• You can get started with us at $60/hour for website design and $40/hour for putting together compelling and effective messaging. We can also put together an affordable, tailor made plan for you too.

Ongoing content creation

As a caring professional, you'll want to build those all-important relationships with only the right customers and clients for you.

It's even more important than ever that you authentically express your values, mission, and unique style of heart-centered leadership through your online articles, blogs and newsletters.

When you work with us, you can feel confident that your heart-centered focus will shine through. We will also take care of the technical side for you as we maximize your online visibility.

• Collaboratively write, edit, or proof your wholehearted blogs and newsletters.
• Get expert assistance with keywords and headline optimization.
• We charge $40/hr for article writing & editing. We can give you more detailed prices when we've seen the scope of work needed.

Social media

Share your new heartfelt content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Expert help is at hand, freeing you up to focus on what's next.
• Plan your social media campaigns, using the right approach, at the right time, for the right audience.
• Successfully and authentically promote your blogs and videos on social media without being pushy or cheesy.
• We charge $60/ hour for social media promotion--that's a great investment for your business.

Book assessment and editing

Writing a book is hard, and that is especially true for the sensitive soul. When you think about an editor who can provide feedback and polish, you want someone who is supportive, sensitive, and not attached to the fears and doubts that inevitably arise when writing.

With the right person, you'll keep your unique vision and voice. When you team up with us, we will support you with constructive feedback, helpful suggestions, and insights. Whether you want your manuscript assessed (for big-picture feedback) or want your manuscript edited, we will help you express your unique message.

Questions and Answers

With a manuscript assessment, we can take a birds-eye view to assess your content, structure, and voice.  This would help set you up for success before digging in to any editing work. If you send us your manuscript, we can give you a cost estimate of the assessment. All your work would remain confidential.

Levels of editing range from heavy to light, with developmental editing at the heaviest end and proofreading at the lightest. If you’re not sure what would be the best fit for your book, we can take a complementary look and let you know. Here are the levels of editing:

Developmental editing. Get help finding the optimal structure and organization of your text with constructive developmental editing. It works in two phases, or passes. 

On a “first pass” we can tell you where we thinks themes and paragraphs work best together. We can also point out what is missing, or what is repetitive, under-explained, or over-explained.  We can also give you general feedback if your voice is passive or if the tenses are inconsistent. 

If you like our suggestions, we can then work on implementing those changes as part of a “second pass.”  You would end up with a smooth, polished manuscript that is ready to go, because developmental editing also includes the lighter levels of content editing and copyediting.

Everybody’s different, so we figure how best to work together on your manuscript so that it shines.

Content editing.  Editing at this level includes both structural and stylistic work. If your text could benefit from some re-writing or re-organizing, this is known as structural editing. In other words, we might want to move around some paragraphs and sentences. It also includes stylistic editing, where we work to improve smoothness and clarity while maintaining your voice and style. We might change how some sentences are worded. If you need content editing, it includes the finer polishing known as copyediting.

Copyediting.  At this level, all you need is to eliminate any grammatical errors or typos. 

Proofreading. Get that all-important final polish with proofing. It’s important to capture any typos or layout problems at this final stage.

1. Email us at We can then talk on Zoom, or over the phone, for up to 45 minutes in a complementary discovery session. Let us know whether you’d like a manuscript assessment or to use our editing services. Unless it is only proofreading that you need, we’ll want to know about your vision for your manuscript, as well as its intended audience, tone, and voice. If you’re not sure, we can explore this together.

2. The second step is to email us your manuscript (or the parts you’d like us to look at). If you wish to use our editing services, we will make a confidential and complementary assessment to see more closely what level of editing it could benefit from.

3. When you wish to proceed, we’ll send you a short contract outlining our agreement.

4. Then, if it is editing that you need, we’ll get started on a sample edit (unless it is a manuscript assessment or proofreading that you need). This would be about 2,500 words long (10 manuscript pages) that we can send you within a few days of starting work. It is wise to do this because this is the only way we can ascertain that we are make suggestions or changes that work for you.

We’d have to take a look at the length and level of editing needed after we’ve seen your manuscript.  We pair the costing of developmental and content editing together at one price, and you’ll get a smooth, polished manuscript back at the end. The harder work and need for stages and communication make the price higher. Copyediting (working on grammar not organization or flow) is less work, so it is more affordable. Either way, we’ll work hard to give you excellent value. We look forward to working with you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your unique Inner Light shine through your online articles or blogs? But does the thought of it feel like too much vulnerability,or too much work? Do the technical aspects intimidate you?

We can work with you to get past doubts and fears so that your unique gifts and messages are known to the world.

The first step is to contact us for a free 45 minute scoping session.  We offer several services:

#1.  Idea generation. If you need to pinpoint topics, we can send you some pointers to get the wheels turning.  

#2. Blog construction. We can also dig deeper into getting blogs written by talking over the phone if the thought of writing is too intimidating. We can sketch out some blog structure for you to fill out or give us feedback on.

#3. Blog editing. If you’ve already written your blogs but want editing and feedback, we do that too.

#4. Blog optimization. This is where we undertake the all-important keyword and title optimization. A good title is almost as important as the content, and SEO  still counts. 

We can figure out what services fit you best, for wherever you are on your blogging journey.

Yes, if you email us ask We will send you links at your request.

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